Season Fee: $10 per team to play in the UFL.
Season Fee needs to be paid in full before Monday Aug. 26th 2019 otherwise your team will not be able to play in the 2019 Season.
The UFL gives you the opportunity to manage a fantasy football team in head-to-head competition against other participants in 2019.
The UFL has two conferences the AFC (American Football Conference) & the NFC (National Football Conference) with 8 Teams per conference.
Each week your team is scheduled to "go" against another team. The 2019 Teams will play 11 Regular Season Games and then the Playoffs.
You will pick for all the CFL (Canadian Football League) & NFL (National Football League) games for that week.
You will pick for some NCAAF (National Collegiate Athletic Association Football) games for that week too.
The games will run from Thursday night to the late Sunday afternoon games.
Weekly Scoring: The CFL/NFL/NCAAF teams that you pick win then you will get 3 Pts. The CFL/NFL/NCAAF teams that you pick loses you will get 0 Pts.
Weekly Game Example: If your team scores 27 Pts. and Team 2 scores 24 Pts. you get a win and the other team gets a loss.

In the event that both teams that are facing each other have the same points after the late Sunday afternoon games then we will head into OVERTIME.
Overtime Tiebreaker Rule will only be used if there is a tie
This will be only used if the two teams that are going head-to-head have used the Overtime Tiebreaker Rule or have all the same picks.
You will Rank 3 of your picked teams from the pick sheet in the order you think have the best chance of winning or scoring the most points for that week.
You will just type in the 3 teams names:
Example: Team 1: LSU Fighting Tigers, Team 2: New York Giants & Team 3: Florida State Seminoles
You will get 3 Points to break the tie.
If the teams who have tied are still tied after Overtime then we use Sudden-Death Overtime Tiebreaker Rule.
Sudden-Death Overtime Rule
Your highest score winning team picked will be the tiebreaker. You will get 3 Points to break the tie.

Example Tiebreaker Old vs New Way
You are allowed to change your picks if needed up to the locked time set each week.
Weekly Lock Time Is Thursday at 12:00/NOON PM (CST) *Subject to Change If Needed*

I send out a Courtesy Reminder to all the UFL Teams the day before the locktime.
I post everyone's picks once they are locked. Those picks will be posted about an hour or so after they lock.
I send out an e-mail to everyone letting them know that I have updated the site with the official team picks.
Did Not Pick Rule: (DNP)
1st DNP: Default Picks Your Default Pick will be the AWAY TEAMS for that week.
2nd DNP: You FORFEIT Your Match Up for that week.
3rd DNP: The Stand By Head Coach will take over the team for the rest of the Season.
Team/Teams would then forfeit their spot in the Wild-Card/Playoffs.
Team/Teams would then fold after the season.
Stand By Head Coach would then have it's own team in the Next Season.

I do sometimes make and error when typing, so make sure that you look at the team picks after I updated them.
If you see and error let me know ASAP.
If you see that I have you down for a DNP and you did submit your picks, send me back your confirmation e-mail before the start of the Thursday night game.
I will not accept any confirmation e-mails after the start of the Thursday night game.
Tiebreaker Rule During The Wild-Card & Playoffs:
The same tiebreaker rules are used during the Wild-Card & Playoffs.
The UFL AFC & NFC Regular Season Champions & 2nd Place Teams will automatically qualify for the Playoffs after Game 11.
Wild-Card Teams: will be the teams 3rd to 6th per conference standings. If you don't win in the Wild-Card Game your season is over.
If you fail to not pick during the Wild Card/Playoffs you will forfeit your Match Up and your season is over.
The Wild-Card & Playoff Teams will then be "seeded" to start the Playoff based like this:
Thunder Bowl V Bracket (Coming Soon)
If you win the Thunder Bowl V you will win a Trophy & Money.