The Pro Bowl is the all-star game of the Ultimate Football League (UFL).
The Pro Bowl will be played after the Thunder Bowl from Dec. 19th 2018 - Jan. 1st 2019 (33 NCAA-F Bowl games and 3 NFL games).
The Pro Bowl will match the top 3 AFC players against the top 3 NFC players after the regular season standings.
Player selection will be the 3 players 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each conference standings after the regular season.
The two players competing in Thunder Bowl IV will not participate in the Pro Bowl and they will be replaced by alternate player which will be the 4th place player in the conference standings.
Pro Bowl Picks: Players will have 12 picks to select from which will be 11 NCAA-F Bowl games & 1 NFL games.
Each player will have 4 games worth 3 points, 4 games worth 2 points and games worth 1 point.
Picks Scoring will have a 3-2-1 format which is the 1st 12 picks will be worth 1 point, the next 12 picks will be worth 2 points and the last 12 picks will be worth 3 points. Giving us a grand total of 72 points.

In the event that the Pro Bowl ends in a tie then we will head into Overtime
Overtime Tiebreaker Rule will only be used if there is a tie
The AFC/NFC teams highest score winning team picked will be the tiebreaker. They will get 3 Points to break the tie.
If the AFC/NFC teams are still tied after Overtime then we use Sudden-Death Overtime Tiebreaker Rule.
Sudden-Death Overtime Rule
This will be only used if the Pro Bowl teams have used the Overtime Tiebreaker Rule or have all the same picks.
Each Pro Bowl Player will pick 1 of their winning picks from the pick sheet that they thik have the best chance of winning or scoring the most points during the Pro Bowl games.
You will just type in the 1 teams names:
Example: Team 1: LSU Fighting Tigers
You will get 3 Points to break the tie.

You are allowed to change your picks if needed up to the locked time set each week.
Lock Time For The Pro Bowl will be Wednesday Dec. 19th 2018 at 12:00/NOON PM (CST)
*Subject to Change If Needed*